Mr Nandan Kumar

The main aim of the opening of this institute is to provide a platform for preparation of JEE and medical to the students which are unable to carry their study in bigger cities due to financial constraint. Maximum families in villages and smaller towns do not have the economic strength to fund study in KOTA and DELHI.If I have longed for money then I would have open Institute in big cities like PATNA where fees are very high which is impossible for lower middle class. Due to the financial burden, students can not produce better results. Students in KOSHI region have dreams to be an engineer or doctor but the lack of guidance and facilities keeps them away from their dream. As faculties in our institute are NITains and Doctors so it impossible to provide free education but fees are kept minimum and poor intelligent students are provided with the scholarship. To have a bright future and to fulfil his/her dream admit your spouse in our institute.


Dr.Chandan Kumar

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will, guidance and mentoring. At PRAGATI CLASSES, we are focused on your success. Though change and uncertainty may be ever present, PRAGATI CLASSES remains firmly committed to helping students by providing academic services to enable them to meet their career goals and objectives. We have many trustworthy and supportive students & parents in all parts of the Koshi region and wish to express our appreciation for their continued support and endorsement of our academic services. In the last year, we have achieved unprecedented success. I must appreciate, congratulate and thank all our students & their parents for their belief & patronage to PRAGATI CLASSES. I look forward to serving your highest order of scholastic expectations at PRAGATI CLASSES.